Screen Divider

Screen Divider 1.7

Screen Divider is a screen measurement tool for Windows OS

Screen divider is an application which brings back the accuracy of measurement into the computer world of today, defying the common saying that accurate lines, angles or parallels are only possible on hardcopy. Thus, the computer’s lack of precision in technical designing is a thing of the past with Screen Divider, a small but powerful and accurate application. Its precision is only matched by its simplicity, an overall feature which I truly enjoyed a couple of days ago, when I did my technical designs for my laboratory class in college. My teacher thought that we were going to face a real challenge in delivering precise measurements in our designs but he didn’t know that I’d discovered Screen Divider. So I installed this application (I was in luck since it only runs on Windows XP or newer) and I was impressed by the simple and effective way of configuring this application. Apart from this, my drawing was as accurate as on hardcopy because of the intuitive controls which allowed me to fine tune parameters such as: height, width, angles and so on. As my assignment was to design a bank, my main concern was to comply with given security requirements, amongst which were a very precise angle orientation of the rooms and an accurate elevation of the building. If it wasn’t for Screen Divider’s professional assistance, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my task just by working on the computer so I would have been forced to print a hardcopy of my design and redo all the measurement the old fashioned way. But, because of this little, yet powerful and accurate application, I could deliver my project and get the job done in the best of conditions.

Alex Vince
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  • It provides accuracy of measurement
  • It has an accesible price


  • It only runs on Windows XP or newer
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